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2015 Maggie Competition Closed

The 2015 Maggie competition is now closed and we are on to the judging phase.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW OR THIS LINK for 2015 Maggie Call4Entries PDF.


Click here for judging criteria..

Marriott Offers Special Room Rate for MAGGIE Banquet

Mark your calendars now for the 64th Annual MAGGIE Banquet, Friday May 1, 2015, at our new location, the Marriott Hotel at Los Angeles Airport. There are a limited number of rooms available at the WPA Maggie rate of $119, so we suggest you make your reservations early. This rate expires April 17, 2015. We do not know if additional rooms will be made available at this rate after April 10th.

To make your reservations contact the Marriott Hotel directly using the toll free number 1(800)228-9290. Please refer to: “Western Publishing Association Maggie Awards Ceremony” when making your reservation. Call the WPA office at Tel. 805-495-1863 with any questions or email jsil1@roadrunner.com

Additional MAGGIE Trophies Available

If you’re interested in purchasing additional MAGGIES, for this year (or past years) and would like to share your excitement of winning a Maggie with your writers, photographers, illustrators, and others in your company, contact the WPA.

Price: $259 each (includes shipping)

Please contact the WPA office to place your orders. Tel. 805-495-1863. All orders must be prepaid. Delivery 4-6 weeks. Wording on Maggie can't be altered.

There is Still Time to Make Your MAGGIE Reservation

The deadline for MAGGIE reservations is Tuesday April 28th. Call today to make your reservation, tel. 805-495-1863, or click on the second box on the left for MAGGIE banquet reservation form.

WPA & Maggie Sponsors for 2015

WPA would like to thank the following sponsors for their support:

    BPA     Democrat Printing     Omni Contests     Publication Printers     Quad Graphics     Sprocket Media     Trend Offset Printing Services     WPA is now accepting sponsors for its 2015 Maggie competition and Executive Insight Speaker event. Please watch your email for details on available sponsorships and their benefits. Call the WPA office at 805-495-1863 with any questions you have or suggestions for how you would like to sponsor the WPA or Maggies.

Click here for sponsor rates and benefits.

Scott Dickey, CEO TEN, Slated for Executive Insight Speaker

Scott Dickey, CEO TEN, The Enthusiast Network, is on board as WPA's Executive Insight speaker =, Friday May 1st, the afternoon of the MAGGIE banquet.

In 2014, Scott Dickey brought a 25-year career of managing high-profile global businesses to TEN: The Enthusiast Network (formerly: Source Interlink Media) the world’s premier network of enthusiast brands, such as Motor Trend, Automobile, Hot Rod, Surfer, Transworld and GrindTV. With more than 50 publications, 60 websites, 50 events, 1000 branded products, the world’s largest automotive VOD channel, and the world’s largest action/adventure sports media platform, TEN inspires enthusiasts to pursue their passions - enthusiastnetwork.com.

Join us as Scott speaks about his extensive experiences in the publishing industry, and discusses the innovations, expectations and more he anticipates in the future.

2015 WPA Awards of Distinction in Leadership Announced

Two finalists for the 2015 WPA Awards of Distinction in Leadership have been announced. They are:

Nadia Al-Samarrie, the founder and publisher of Diabetes Health Magazine based in Woodacre, CA.

Marin Bright, the CEO & Founder of Bright Business Media in Sausalito, CA.

Please join us at our MAGGIE banquet Friday, May 1st as we honor these women and announce the winner.