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WPA Summer Membership Sale – Don’t Miss It!

Our Summer Membership Sale is now in progress. Renew your membership by October 31st. This special package includes .

10% off WPA member rates for one year
Free admittance to our WPA Keynote Speaker event before the Maggie banquet (to be announced)
ONE FREE Maggie entry: (Enter 3, your 4th is FREE)
Discounts on Sponsor Opportunities

Click here for secure, online membership application..

WPA Announces 2015 MAGGIE Banquet Date

Mark your calendars now for the 64th Annual MAGGIE Banquet, Friday May 1, 2015, at our new location, the Marriott Hotel at Los Angeles Airport. Special room rate of $124 per night, single or double will be available (limited number of rooms). Watch the WPA website and your email for details. Contact the WPA office with questions at spa@wpa-online.org or Tel. 805-495-1863.

Western Publishing Association Announces 2014 MAGGIE Winners

Los Angeles, CA – May 2, 2014 – The Western Publishing Association Recognizes Top Trade, Consumer and Student Publications, Video, Digital Pubs and Websites

The Western Publishing Association (WPA) announced its 2014 MAGGIE® winners in 89 editorial and design categories at the 63rd Annual MAGGIE® Awards, May 2nd at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport.

More than 325 people from all areas of publishing were on hand to honor the "West's Best" in both print and electronic publishing. An enthusiastic audience cheered as winners accepted their awards and later watched the MAGGIE® trademark "Montage of Winners" video at the close of the banquet.

Considered to be the most prestigious award in the publishing industry, the 2014 MAGGIES drew more than 1,000 entries from 24 states west of the Mississippi River.

For a complete list of Maggie winners, see the Past Winners & Finalists drop-down menu under Maggie Awards.

VIP Speaker Andrew Wallenstein, Variety Magazine, Speaks at MAGGIE Event

Andrew Wallenstein, Editor-in-Chief of Variety magazine and Variety.com was the keynote speaker at our Pre-MAGGIE event, Friday May 2, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angles International Airport.

An enthusiastic audience listened as Andrew presented Variety’s successful transition from a daily to a weekly, its rebranding and enhancement of its print product with digital coverage, and how his company is staying ahead of the curve.

To see Andrew's complete video presentation, click here..

Additional MAGGIE Trophies Available

If you’re interested in purchasing additional MAGGIES, for this year (or past years) and would like to share your excitement of winning a Maggie with your writers, photographers, illustrators, and others in your company, contact the WPA.

Price: $249 each (includes shipping)

Please contact the WPA office to place your orders. Tel. 805-495-1863. All orders must be prepaid. Delivery 4-6 weeks. Wording on Maggie can't be altered.

WPA Launches First Webinar, Thursday September 4th

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Business
Social media is no longer optional for publications, whether print or online. By now, it’s likely your publication is active in some way on social media. But are your efforts on target or a waste of time and energy?

Many publishers leapt into the social media world blindly, without a plan. That may have been enough early on, but today there’s so much noise on social media platforms you need to create a social media strategy to be heard.

This in-depth one-hour webinar will discuss:
• How to create a social media strategy
• How to discover the best social platforms for your publication
• The rules of social media engagement
• Best practices for media companies and social media
• How to save time building your brand on social media
• And much more

• Unlimited viewing of the recorded version of this webinar for 30 days
• Certificate of attendance for each PAID participant
• Get your specific questions answered in a live Q&A session during the webinar
• JOIN WPA PRIOR TO WEBINAR DATE AND WEBINAR IS FREE! (Company membership, unless attendee is not employed by company.)

Date: Thursday, September 4
Time: 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Length: One hour
WPA Member Price: $39 (Non-Member Price: $59)

About the Presenter
Rieva Lesonsky is founder and CEO of GrowBiz Media. She’s widely recognized as a small business expert and advocate. The author of the bestselling book Start Your Own Business and the former editorial director of Entrepreneur magazine, Rieva has been meeting, consulting, and speaking to America’s small business owners for more than 30 years. She’s got an inside perspective on what entrepreneurs want and how to help them grow successful businesses.

How Does This All Work?
After you register for this live webinar, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to view the session and other information.

Technical Requirements
• A wired (not wireless) broadband Internet connection (access points, mobile air connections not recommended)
• A PC computer using Windows or Mac operating system (Android or iPad Tablets also supported to attend)
• The latest version of Adobe Flash installed. • A microphone and speakers or headset with mic for VOIP audio
• A landline for conference call (cell phones not recommended)
Click here for registration.
(Pls use Firefox to access registration form. Safari is not compatible. thank you.)

WPA Awards of Distinction Leadership Award Announced

In bestowing the First Annual WPA Awards of Distinction to Diane Anderson-Minshall, of Here Media, the WPA recognized an individual who distinguished herself in the field of media over the past 12 months.

“As the recipient of our inaugural Leadership Award,” said WPA President Ron Epstein, "this award honors an individual whose vision and innovation in the past year demonstrated real-world execution of a new platform, concept or segment of the business that improved or altered the media landscape in which it operates, or expanded or created a new business opportunity. Diane’s work in helping develop the HIV Plus Treatment Guide Mobile App is an inspiration. She is the epitome of what this award is all about.”

Entrants for the Leadership Award are required to submit nominations in writing. The Winner is announced at the Maggie Banquet.

Click here for Awards of Distinction criteria.

WPA & MAGGIE Sponsors for 2014

WPA would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of WPA & The MAGGIES:

    BPA Worldwide     Brown Printing Company     Digarati     Knowledge Marketing     The Magazine Manager=     Publishers Press=     qg=     RR Donnelley     Trend Offset    

Contact the WPA office for details on future sponsorships.