2014 MAGGIE Finalists

Congratulations to our 2014 MAGGIE Finalists!

The WPA is proud to announce our 2014 MAGGIE Finalists! We hope you’ll join us for our 63rd Annual MAGGIE Banquet, Friday, May 2, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport.

We also invite you to join us for our pre-MAGGIE event, the afternoon of the banquet, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. Attendance is FREE for everyone attending the banquet. Our VIP speaker for this event is Andrew Wallenstein, Editor-in-Chief of Variety magazine and Variety.com. Andrew will discuss Variety’s successful transition from a daily to a weekly, its rebranding and enhancement of its print product with digital coverage, and how his company is staying ahead of the curve. His insight can be applied to anyone striving to move forward in our industry.

Click here for Maggie Banquet reservation form (doc)

Click here for Maggie banquet reservation form (PDF)

2014 MAGGIE Finalists

001 Outdoor Sports, Boating & Recreation/Consumer

Climbing                    March

Lava                            December/January

Powder                       September

Recoil                          Issue 7

Skiing                          December


002 Automotive & Motorcycle/Consumer

Automobile                  September

Modified                       July

Motor Trend                May

Truck Trend                 November/December


004 Entertainment, Communication or The Arts/Trade & Consumer

Emmy                         #Four

Geek                            November

ICG                              October

Variety                       August


007 City & Metropolitan/Consumer

Bellingham Alive                   June/July

Desert Companion               September

Laguna Beach                         December

Marin                                       September

OC Register                           August

Orange Coast                        December

Sactown                                  October/November


008 Regional & State/Consumer

1859 Oregon’s Mgazine               July/August

Coast                                                   November

Maui No Ka Oi                                September/October

New Mexico                                     January

Southbay                                           Holiday

Sun Valley Property News          July


009 Travel & In-Transit/Consumer

Alaska Airlines                                    May

American Way                                     May 15

Hana Hou!                                            December/January

Virtuoso Life                                       January/February

011 Politics & Social Issues/Consumer

Mother Jones            May/June

Pacific Standard       November/December

Reason                        November

Sierra                          March/April


012 Lifestyles & Alternative Lifestyles/Consumer

Bound By Ink                           Issue 14

Cowboys & Indians                July

HILuxury                                  June/July

Lavish Living                           July August

Live Well Wyoming             July/August


013 Special Interest/Consumer

Boys’ Life                                October

HIV Plus                                   May/June

Nail It!                                       November/December

OC Register Family               October

OC Register Metro                 July

Virtuoso Traveler                  December


014 Annuals & One-Time Custom Publications (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer

Aloha Hilton Waikoloa Village              February

Ola                                                       June

Sun Valley                                         Annual

The Kahala 50th Anniversary Issue   50th Anniversary issue

Where Guestbook San Diego              Annual


015 Annuals & One-Time Custom Publications (Circ over 75,000)/Consumer

Bound By Ink                                                              Special Collector’s Edition

Drones Are They Watching You?                       Special Issue

Gettysburg                                                                  Special Edition

Overkill                                                                        Winter

Space                                                                            Special Issue


016 Semi-Annuals & Three-Time/Consumer

Colorado Summit                             Summer/Fall

Halekulani Living                             Fall/Winter

Makena                                                December

Offgrid                                                 Summer

Southbay Home                               #2

The Kahala                                          December


017 Quarterlies/Consumer

Aspen Sojourner                Midsummer

Bespoke                                  Fall

C-Suite Quarterly               Winter

Celebrated Living                Fall

In Play                                      Summer


019 Guides, Catalogues and Directories/Trade & Consumer

2013 Virtuoso Best of the Best                      January

Automotive Fleet Fact Book Guide                  June

BrownTrout Publishers, Inc. 2015                  Calendar Collection

Epicure                                                            2013

School Bus Fleet                                             2013 Fact Book


021 Visitor’s Guides (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer

Mountain Express                           Winter/Spring

Park City                                              Winter/Spring

Trump Ho‘okipa                               August

Vail-Beaver Creek                           Holiday

Wailea                                                 Fall Winter

Where Los Angeles                        March


022 Visitor’s Guides (Circ over 75,000/Consumer

2013 New Mexico Vacation Guide                 2013

Central Oregon Visitors Association              2013

Cody&Beyond                                                         2013

Grapevine Today                                                   Summer/Fall


024 Business, Finance, Management & Retail/Trade

Auto Dealer Monthly                May

Exhibitor                                        March

Mobile Electronics                     November

Oracle                                              September/October

School Transportation News    November


026 Medical, Dental & Related Services/Trade

American Journal of Critical Care                               March

Journal of the California Dental Association               August

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI)        August

Mentor                                                                         December

The Nugget                                                                  December


027 Fashion, Beauty & Grooming/Trade

Beauty Launchpad      March

Dayspa                        October

Nailpro                         November

Nails                            September

The Colorist                 July/August


030 Non-Paid (Circ. under 50,000)/Trade

Metro                                                   September/October

Nutritional Outlook                               January/February

Patio & Hearth Products Report          July/August

Smart Meetings                                   May

Trade Show Executive                       December


031 Non-Paid (Circ. Over 50,000)/Trade

Buildings                                                          November

California Lawyer                                           December

Electrical Construction & Maintenance            May

Government Technology                                 May

Meetings Focus                                               July


032 Special Interest/Trade

American Fitness                   May/June

Elearning!                                 October/November

Emergency Management         November/December

Idea Fitness Journal                November/December

Police                                       September

Roast                                       May/June


033 Annuals & One-Time Custom Publications/Trade

100 Years — A Centennial Celebration Of Dental Hygiene

ABMP Bizfit Let’s Go!              January

Crosslink                                 May

Study In The Usa Summer & Boarding Schools Edition

Variety                                                January


034 Semi-Annuals,Three-Time & Quarterly/Trade

Access                                                           Fall

Explorer                                               Fall/Winter

Profit                                                    August

Stanford Social Innovation Review     Spring


038 Tabloids/Trade

Beauty Store Business                                   February

Home Media                                                     November 11-17

Packaging Digest                                             June

Scotsman Guide – Commercial Edition December


039 Newsletters/Trade & Consumer

Different Strokes         May/June

@Sage                        January

Zooscape                    September

Zooscape                    June/July


040 Supplements/Trade & Consumer

Idea Food And Nutrition Tips               November-December

Meetings Focus Florida                       April

Ripple Effects                                      2013

Trade Show Executive                       May


041 Associations/For Profit/Trade & Consumer

ASCP Skin Deep                      September/October

Massage & Bodywork                        September/October

Private Clubs                           Winter


042 Associations/Non-Profit/Trade & Consumer

California Grocer                     December

Educause Review                   September/October

Highroads                                July/August 2013

Santa Clara                             Winter

USA Triathlon                          Summer


043 Best Print Publication/Student

Collegian Times           August

Focus                          Fall

Impact                          Winter

Substance                   December

The Bull                       Fall/Winter


044 Best Print Article/Student

Collegian Times           Dangerous When Wet                         August

Focus                         State-Of-The-Art Briles                                   Fall

Impact             Not Taking ‘No’ For An Answer                      Summer/Fall

Substance                   Women’s Reproductive Rights Under Fire      December


047 Best Web Publication/Consumer



Mother Jones



048 Best Web Publication/Trade

Educause Review


Ibm Data

Study In The USA




049 Best Web eNewsletter/Trade & Consumer

Business Partner Voices


Meetings Focus West Newsline




050 Best Digital Only Publication/Trade

Diabetes Health Pharmacist    June/July

ICD-10 Preparation Guide

Java                                        March/April


051 Best Digital Only Publication/Consumer

Body Sense                Autumn

Foreground                 December

Middle Shelf                 October

Shelf Unbound            June/July


052 Best Digital Version of a Print Publication/Trade & Consumer

Elearning!                                 August/September

Massage & Bodywork                        November/December

Meetings Focus                       November

Private Clubs                           Spring

Reason                                    October


056 Best Original or Replica of a Digital Publication for a Tablet/Trade & Consumer

Geek                –

Lamborghini 50th Anniversary

Motor Trend                                         May

Powder                                               The North Face Flipbook


057 Best Web, eNewsletter or Digital Edition Article/Trade & Consumer

Exhibitor                      Picture This                             April

GreatSchools              Bipolar At 5?                           May

Mother Jones              Newtown One Year After

Policeone                     I’ve Been Shot In The Head     September

Private Clubs               Marble Country                        Spring

Truthdig                       The Play’s The Thing               December


058 Best Regularly Featured Web, eNewsletter or Digital Edition Column/Trade

Ems1                           The Ambulance Driver’s Perspective

Java                            Fix This                        July/August, September/October

Nailpro                         Nailed Down

Plasticstoday               What If They Held a Trade Show and Nobody Came?

Policeone                     10-43: Be Advised


059 Best Regularly Featured Web, eNewsletter or Digital Edition Column/Consumer

Advocate                    Michelle Garcia

Greatschools              Parenting Dilemmas Series

Mother Jones              Food For Thought

Reason                        3 Reasons Not To Go To War With Syria; 3 Reasons All Kids Should Be Forced To Watch South Park!

Truthdig                       The Truthdig Book Review      March / September


060 Best Video Channel/Trade & Consumer

Motor Trend                 –






064 Best Use of Video in Editorial/Short Form/Consumer

Educause Review Online        September/October

GreatSchools                          May

Mother Jones

Motor Trend                             Downshift Episode 64



065 Best Use of Video in Editorial/Long Form/Consumer

Motor Trend                 Roadkill Episode 15

Motor Trend                 Epic Drives Episode 16



067 Best Use of Social Media/Trade & Consumer

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Day In LGBT America


Motor Trend/Facebook

Powder / Ski Town Throwdown



068 Best Social Media Community/Trade & Consumer

Advocate Gaysayer

IBM Data




Study in the USA


070 Best Publication Blog/Trade & Consumer

Business Partner Voices: The IBM Partnerworld Blog

Mother Jones


Truthdig / Ear To The Ground


071 Best Feature Article (Circ Under 50,000)/Trade

Auto Rental News       Ready, Fire, Aim          November/December

Emmy                           The Marriage Plot        Four

ICG                              Color Lines                  April

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI)                    On the Grind                August

Stanford Social Innovation Review                                         The Secret of Scale    Fall


072 Best Feature Article (Circ Over 50,000)/Trade

California Lawyer                   Headstrong                                                      July

Critical Care Nurse                  Brain Death                                                     December

Government Technology         Why Do We Still Use Passwords                    November

Idea Fitness Journal                Do Fitness Pros Understand Obese Clients?  July/August

Massage & Bodywork                        Hiding in Plain Sight                                         January/February

Private Clubs                           Dutch Treat                                                     Fall


073 Best Feature Article (Circ Under 75,000)/Consumer

Bellingham Alive                      Making Out With Maggie          June/July

Bike                                         The Great Game                      November

C-Suite Quarterly                    Gary Michelson                       Winter

Climbing                                   No Brainer                               August

Desert Companion                   To The River, To The Sea       May

Sactown                                 Trigger Effect                          December/January

Variety                                                Alfonso Cuaron                       September


074 Best Feature Article (Circ Over 75,000)/Consumer

American Way                                    Playing For Pride                                 November 15

Automobile                              Key to the Highway                            September

Mother Jones                          Criminal Element                                  January/February

Motor Trend                             The 25% Solution                                May

OC Register                             The Rocking Rillera Brothers               November

Pacific Standard                      The Social Life of Genes                    September/October

Reason                                    Pot Goes Legit                         November


076 Best Series of Articles/Trade & Consumer

Buildings          The Energy Toolbox    July, September

HiLuxury          To The Extreme           June, July

Mother Jones  Hearts and Minds; Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin.     January/February, May/June

New Mexico        Trips To Bountiful; To Market, To Market     September, October

Powder           Deep: The Future of Snow in America; Future of Snow in Europe    November, December

Reason                                    Be Paranoid                 January, October


077 Best How-To Article/Trade & Consumer

Aspen Sojourner                     Walk This Way                                    Midsummer

Exhibitor                                  Customs, Crates & Carnets                September

Massage & Bodywork                        Your Best Year Ever                          January/February

Nails                                        The Nails How-To Survive Guide        December

Oracle                                     Database Cloud                                   September/October

Sactown                                 Homegrown                                        April-May


079 Best Interview or Profile/Trade

California Lawyer                   TMZ’s Troubleshooter                         December

Emmy                                       Man of Two Minds                              #Three

ICG                                          Exposure: The Coen Brothers            December

Massage & Bodywork                        Compassionate Journey                     September/October

Packaging Digest                     Packaging is a Gateway to a Deeper Conversation About Sustainability                  September

Smart Meetings                       Born to Lead                                       April


080 Best Interview or Profile/Consumer

Bike                             Strait Mettle                             July

Cowboys & Indians     George Strait                           July

Hana Hou!                    Flight Instructor                       June/July

HiLuxury                      Call Of Duty                             April / May

Mountain Outlaw         A Compass for Life                 Summer

Orange Coast              The Uncommon Cowman        December

Reason                        Sex in the Arab World             July

Sactown                     The Game Changer                 October-November

Vail-Beaver Creek       Girl Power                               Holiday

Variety                                    The Gospel of Mark                 September


081 Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Trade

American Journal Of Critical Care       How Much Care Is Too Much Care?               March

Auto Dealer Monthly                            What Generation Gap?                                   August

Automotive Fleet                                 Is Technology “Dumbing Down” Fleet Managers?      April

Exhibitor                                              Guerillas in the Midst                                       May

Government Fleet                                An Outside Perspective Can Be a Good Thing           November/December

Nutritional Outlook                               Stevia: Still Sweet If Not “Natural”?                 June


082 Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Consumer

C-Suite Quarterly                    The Past, Present, and Future of Los Angeles        Winter

Desert Companion                   To A Theater Near You                                             July

New Mexico                            Looking For Lawrence                                              January

Reason                                    Be Paranoid                                                     October

Sactown                                 Return of the JFDI                               December/January

Ski                                           Silver Lining                                         December


083 Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Trade

California Lawyer                   Legally Speaking

Emmy                                       Me and My Emmy

Idea Fitness Journal                Idea Fitnographic

Massage & Bodywork                        Tell Me

The Colorist                             Backstory


084 Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Consumer

American Way                                    Final Approach

Hana Hou!                                Native Intelligence

HiLuxury                                  Artifacts of Life

Mother Jones                          Food And Health

OC Register     On The Right Track

Ski                                           Clinic

Vail-Beaver Creek                   Village Talk


085 Best News Story/Trade

Auto Dealer Monthly                Inside Job: Special Report On Embezzlement    December

California Lawyer                   All Fracked Up                                           November

Idea Fitness Journal                Bending American Food Culture                          September

Massage & Bodywork                        Massage Is Legal; Human Trafficking Is Not   January/February

Medical Device And Diagnostic Industry (Md+Di)       How One Tweet From Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak Changed a Patient’s World        August


086 Best News Story/Consumer

Aspen Sojourner                     Big Fracking Deal                                Midsummer

Boys’ Life                                Super Storm, Super Scouts                June

Marin                                       Myth or Reality: The Facts Behind the Claim that Marin is the Breast Cancer Capital of the Nation                                       October

Sactown                                 Trigger Effect                                      December-January

Variety                                                Runaway Hollywood                          August


087 Best Editorial Layout (Circ Under 50,000)/Trade

ASCP Skin Deep                      The Salad Facial          January/February

Emmy                                       The Marriage Plot        #Four

ICG                                          Star Fall                       October

Scotsman Guide – Residential Edition  Take The Plunge Into A Successful Career    September

Smart Meetings                       Rise of the Geeks       May

The Colorist                             Heart Lands                July/August


088 Best Editorial Layout (Circ Over 50,000)/Trade

California Lawyer                   New Balance at the California Supreme Court           August

Highroads                                Arizona’s Grape Expectations                        September/October

Massage & Bodywork                        Your Touch Can Change a Child’s Life           September/October

Nailpro                                     Sweet Surrender        June

Nails                                        Seam-Bursting Color   March

Oracle                                     Iron Man                      May/June

Private Clubs                           16 Really Good (And New) Reasons to Visit Europe             Spring


089 Best Editorial Layout (Circ Under 75,00)/Consumer

Aloha Hilton Waikoloa Village              Fabled Flower             February

Desert Companion                               Soft & Sweet              April

Lava                                                    The Natural                  July

Makena                                                Islands Born of Fire     December

Orange Coast                                      What To Eat Now!       December

Powder                                               Finding Frey                September

Sactown                                             Morning Stars              February/March

Variety                                                            Hunger Games: ‘Fire’ Starters October


090 Best Editorial Layout (Circ Over 75,00)/Consumer

American Way                                    Sowing the Seeds of Preservation     September 15

Celebrated Living                    10 Epic Family Trips                            Summer

Cody&Beyond                         Snapshots                                           2013

Hana Hou!                                Kalo Man                                             April/June

Nail It!                                       Pick of the Glitter                                 November/December

Pacific Standard                      Is Sugar The Next Tobacco?              March/April


092 Best Single Editorial Illustration/Trade

California Lawyer                   New Balance at the California Supreme Court           August

Emmy                                       The Power and the Glory                                            #Nine

Oracle                                     Land O’ Lakes                         November/December

Santa Clara                             Yes, But Is It The Right Thing To Do?              Fall

Scotsman Guide – Residential Edition  Be Mindful of Misdirection                   August

Stanford Social Innovation Review                 High Stakes Donor Collaborations       Spring


093 Best Single Editorial Illustration/Consumer

American Way                                                            Fright Night                  October 15

Cowboys & Indians                                         Top 10 Gunfights        November/December

Mother Jones                                                  Overshared                 November/December

Pacific Standard                                              Best Tweets in the House      March/April

Sierra                                                              To Kill a Wolf               July/ August


096 Best Single Editorial Photograph/Trade

Emmy                           Time to Shine                           #Eight

Oracle                         Oracle Team USA                   September/October

Private Clubs               Street Performer From The New New Orleans          Spring

Profit                            Spartan                                   February

Roast                           The Long Pipe                         January/February


097 Best Single Editorial Photograph/Consumer

American Way                                    Pigs in Paradise                                   September 1

Lava                                        The Natural                                          July

Mountain Express                   Modern Architecture & Design            Winter/Spring

Pacific Standard                      Why Do You Hoard?                           May/June

Sactown                                 Born to Run                                         August/September

Sierra                                      Eat Your Bugs!                                    July/August

Trump Ho‘Okipa                       Big Blue                                               August

Yellow Scene                         Culture of Adornment                          December/January


098 Best Series Of Editorial Photographs/Trade

California Lawyer                   All Fracked Up             November

Emmy                                       Drop Dead Gorgeous              Two

Emmy                                       Man of Two Minds                  #Three

Private Clubs                           Screen Gem                            Fall


099 Best Series of Editorial Photographs/Consumer

Bike                                         2013 Photo Annual                              August

Cody&Beyond                         Snapshots                                           2013

Makena                                    Islands Born of Fire                             December

Mother Jones                          Stay Gold                                            May/June

New Mexico                            Will Wilson’s Improved Self Images     August

OC Register                             Sand Up!                                              August

Sactown                                 Born to Run                                         August/September

Sierra                                      Gust Junkies                                       March/ April

Variety                                                The Ultimate Awards Nomination Guide          December


100 Best Cover (Circ Under 50,000)/Trade

Emmy                                                                                       #Three

ICG                                                                                          April

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI)                    August

Mentor                                                                                     February

Roast                                                                                       May/June

The Nugget                                                                              November


101 Best Cover (Circ Over 50,000)/Trade

California Lawyer                               August

Emergency Management                     May/June

Government Technology                     December

Meetings Focus                                   July

Oracle                                                 September/October

Private Clubs                                       Winter

Santa Clara                                         Winter


102 Best Cover (Circ Under 75,000)/Consumer

Aulani                          Spring

Bike                             September/October

Comstock’s                  December

Desert Companion       April

Halekulani Living          Fall/Winter

Ola                               June

Powder                       December

Trump Ho‘Okipa           August

Variety                                    October

Wailea                         Fall Winter


103 Best Cover (Circ Over 75,000)/Consumer

Bound By Ink                           Issue 15

Geek                                        July

Mother Jones                          July/August

New Mexico                            August

OC Register                             May

Overkill                                    Winter

Pacific Standard                      January/February

Space                          Special Issue

Truck Trend                 May/June

Virtuoso Life               January/February


104 Best Overall Publication Design (Circ Under 50,000)/Trade

Central Oregon                        Spring

Emmy                                       #Four

Exhibitor                                  December

ICG                                          October


105 Best Overall Publication Design (Circ Over 50,000)/Trade

Government Technology                     October

Massage & Bodywork                                    September/October

Nails                                                    September

Private Clubs                                       Winter


106 Best Overall Publication Design (Circ Under 75,000)/Consumer

Aspen Sojourner                     Holiday

Bound By Ink                           Issue 14

Desert Companion                   October

Halekulani Living                      Fall/Winter

Sactown                                 June/July


107 Best Overall Publication Design (Circ Over 75,000)/Consumer

Motor Trend                             May

Mountain Outlaw                     Winter

Offgrid                                     Summer

Overkill                                    Winter

Recoil                                      #10


108 Special Theme Issue (Circ Under 50,000)/Trade

Dayspa                        April

Emmy                           #Eight

Exhibitor                      May

ICG                              July

The Nugget                  December


109 Special Theme Issue (Circ Over 50,000)/Trade

Idea Fitness Journal                                                                May

Idea Fitness Journal                                                                July/August

Massage & Bodywork                                                                        September/October

Study In The USA Summer & Boarding Schools Edition


110 Special Theme Issue (Circ Under 75,000)/Consumer

Desert Companion                                           November

Sactown                                                         April/May

Skiing                                                               September

The Kahala 50th Anniversary Issue               December

Variety                                                                        January


111 Special Theme Issue (Circ Over 75,000)/Consumer

Bound By Ink                                                   Special Collector’s Edition

Cowboys & Indians                                         July

Drones Are They Watching You?


Virtuoso Life                                                   September/October


113 Most Improved Publication/Trade & Consumer

Beauty Launchpad

Critical Care Nurse

Meetings Focus

The Nugget



116 Most Improved Annual, Semi-Annual, Three-Time or Quarterly/Trade & Consumer

C-Suite Quarterly

Colorado Summit

New Mexico Vacation Guide



122 Best New Publication/Trade & Consumer



Nail It!

OC Register